Zip Business Trade Accounts

Author: Dan  



Welcome to a new, current method of doing B2B business. 


Gone are the traditional 30 day credit terms accounts. Using current online financial technology, Carbon Offroad is proud to be able to offer you a no cost 60 day 0% interest trade account in partnership with Zip Money. 

We are now excited to offer the Zip Business Trade products. With a Zip Business Trade account, you will be able to order your products directly online through our website at your trade pricing and pay for your trade orders using Zip Trade. You can also order via traditional methods of phone or email PO's depending on your normal method of ordering. We can process the payment either using the linked virtual Visa card you get with Zip Trade, or process the trade order directly against your Zip Trade account. 

All of this happens at the time of order or purchase. It enables us at Carbon Offroad to process your order as soon as it is received, meaning you get timely delivery without having to worry about paying an invoice before getting the goods. 

Zip Trade offers 0% interest up to 60 days on purchases up to $3000 and for $3000+ 60 days interest free with the option to extend for another 4 months at 4% interest. These are amazing terms. 

The best thing is it doesn't cost you any extra to use this service, and you can use your Zip business Visa Card for other purchasing and expense activity anywhere where VISA is accepted. For further information or to apply see the video and information below.