Beach 4wding Tips and tricks

Author: James Don  Date Posted:13 December 2021 

So you've got yourself a 4wd

and want to test it out at the beach for the first time?


Make sure you read the below


Firstly try not to get stuck

Your number 1 goal other than having a good time is not to get stuck or bogged in the sand

Getting stuck can turn a great day into, well not such a great day 

but if you prepare for it, it will be a simple recovery that will only take a few minutes.


There are a few things you can do to prevent your vehicle from getting stuck in the sand.



  • Let your tyre pressures down - simply by letting the air out of your tyres to approx. 18-25 psi depending on type of tyre and conditions will serve you well when on the sand.

  • When you let your tyres down this lengthens the footprint of your tyre and gives your tyre a bigger contact surface to spread the vehicle's weight over.

  • This also stops the tyre from digging or turning up the sand as well.



  • Momentum is your friend - having a good run up in soft sand conditions definitely helps


  • Being light weight is your friend - keeping your vehicle as light as possible helps you not to sink in the sand



  • Generally driving in other vehicle's tracks is easier as the sand is already packed just be careful of the center hump of the sand, if this is too high your belly pan and diffs will be dragging in the sand.

  • Be careful not to turn sharply or suddenly as the surface you are driving on is soft and could potentially cause a vehicle roll over.

  • Watch out for washouts and don't drive on the sand dunes

  • Be careful where the waves meet the sand, as the waves can wash the sand out from under your tyres.

  • If you get stuck try reversing first as you have already made a track




  • Make sure you know the tide times, so you're not driving on the beach at high tide

  • Make sure you know the road rules


Recovery Gear


  • Some basic recovery items are needed in case you get stuck

  • shovel - to dig your tyres and diff out

  • Recovery boards - to assist with recovery

  • Tyre deflator - To let your tyres down

  • Snatch strap or kinetic rope - to recover you or your mates out of the sand bog

  • Tyre inflator - to reinflate your tyres before driving on the road

  • Vehicle recovery hardware - bow shackles, soft shackles, recovery hitches to attach the snatch strap

  • Recovery damper blanket - to prevent further injury if the recovery equipment breaks

If you equip yourself with both knowledge and equipment

you will have a great time with your mates and family at the beach


Thanks for reading 


Happy 4wding


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