World First - Carbon Winch to open spider factory to produce worlds toughest winch rope

Author: Carbon Winch Admin   Date Posted:1 April 2019 

In a world first, Carbon Winches Australia have been working with arachnologists from the AFA to research spider species which can be reproduced quickly and output large volumes of web in a controlled environment to be produced into the toughest winch rope in the world.

Daniel Kozaris owner of Carbon Winches says, "Having the technology and genetic research behind us from the AFA has enabled us to create a hybrid between an orb spider and the tropical north queensland bird eating spider. This hybrid produces huge quantities of web that we are currently using to manufacture prototype winch ropes with enormous strength characteristics." 

The new winch rope will be called 2020, as the planned release for the new winch rope will be in 2020. The Carbon Winch Spider Manufacturing Plant (CWSMP) is located in a remote region of southern Tasmania, where the colder climate allows us to regulate temperatures with more accuracy to produce an environment that encourages the spiders to produce the web for rope manufacturing. 

Fully backed by the local state government, the facility already employs 50 people and aim to be the largest private employer in Tasmania by 2021. 

More news soon....

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