4wd Suspension Lift kits Buying Guide

Author: James Don  Date Posted:25 March 2022 

4x4 Lift Kits and Suspension

Purchasing a 4wd Suspension kit or 4x4 lift kit for your 4wd is a big decision


A lot of information has to be thought through and collated to get the best suspension result

to suit both your needs as a driver and the vehicle's needs.


Below are a few questions you will need to answer or research before making a suspension decision

Firstly lets consider your needs.

  • What are you intending to do with your vehicle?

  • Are you primarily just going off road and want maximum flex and articulation?

  • Are you towing a caravan, boat or a camper for extended periods of time or just once in awhile ?

  • Are you after a good balance of offroad ability but can tow and handle onroad as well?

  • Are you looking for a comfortable ride for your daily driver with some added height for larger wheels?

  • Will the vehicle fit in my Garage after the lift installation?

  • What are my legal obligations with a lift kit ?

  • What are my expectation with a suspension kit ride quality, offroad ability, onroad handling ?


What are the vehicles needs?

  • What accessories do I have on the vehicle?

  • Where are those accessories located on the vehicle?

  • What is the weight of the accessories?

  • Are you over GVM?

  • Do you have future modifications planned?

  • Do I need adjustable load carrying eg. bellows or airbag system

  • What type of suspension does my vehicle have - Live axle - Torsion bar - Strut(IFS) - Leaf Spring

  • What are the limitations of my vehicles suspension design?


Below are links to our Suspension Lift Kits and shocks

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