Carbon Winches FAQ


                       Carbon Offroad - Winch Product Questions

               The top most frequently asked questions about the Carbon Offroad range of 4wd winches are:   


"Will the Carbon Winches 12,000lb or 9500lb Winch fit my bullbar? ARB -TJM - Ironman - Uneek - Rival etc."

If your bullbar is winch compatible then there's a 99.5% chance it will fit as designed. Both the Carbon CW-95P and CW-12k winches have the same 10’’ x 4.5’’ (254mm x 114.3mm) Warn mounting bolt pattern as most low mount winches and fits any bar designed to take a Warn or other brands of low mount winch. Check the listing for the winch dimensions.

Factory Nissan GU Patrol Winch Bar - The winch needs to be run upside down to align with the fairlead cutout.

Factory Toyota Rugged X Bar - The winch needs to be mounted the opposite way for clearance to the motor and to line up with the fairlead cutout - rope will come off the top of the drum.

"My Wireless remote doesn't work, What should I do?"

Turning on the remote is as easy as holding down both the IN and OUT buttons for 2 seconds until the red LED lights up. To turn it off it's the same process, or if you don't press a button for 90 seconds it will turn itself off to save battery life and prevent accidental operation of your winch.

What batteries are used in the remote?

The batteries are 12 Volt 23A or A23 depending on manufacturer.

"Where is the receiver for the wireless, it wasn't in the box?"

The Carbon Winches wireless receiver is pre-wired into the control/solenoid box and is ready to go as soon as the remote unit is switched on(see above). 

"Which winch should I buy that will suit my 4wd and application?"

This question is a little more complex to answer quickly as to give the most accurate advice we need to know many things, such as: What 4wd do you have, what accessories, estimated weight of accessories, do you tow a trailer off road or think you may need to recover while towing, what type of terrain, how steep is the incline, the list goes on.....
In short, if you are in doubt about total weights and have a current model 4wd then you should go with the CW-12k 12,000lb. The 12,000lb also gives you 5450kg of pulling power to recover today's heavier from the factory or overloaded 4wds, so you're less likely to need to do a double line pull using a snatch/pulley block, which actually makes the recovery faster. The 12000lb gear ratio (216:1) isn't as fast as the 9500lb (158:1) winch but in most cases, a slow recovery is a safe recovery as it gives you a little more time to asses the situation and reacts to any problems that may arise.

"Can I fit a winch without a bullbar?"

Yes many manufacturers on the market offer a wide range of in-bumper winch cradles designed to fit inside your factory bumper. This negates the need for a big heavy bull bar that takes a minimum of 50kg off your available load and preserves the factory look of your vehicle. We also offer a range of winch cradles, check out our webstore listings.

"I've just been looking at your 12,000lb or 9500lb Carbon Winch on your website, how much is it?" - pricing can be found here. 

"Is that including shipping?"

You can calculate shipping quotes on the product page for your destination.