Carbon MT 2.0 Premium Monotube Performance Strut and Shock Absorbers.

If you want a smooth ride and improve your 4wd's handling for both on and off-road, get yourself a set of Carbon Premium MT2.0 Monotube Shocks for your 4wd.

We have spent many years developing a ride quality that will give you both comfort and control.

Don't put up with the harsh ride of your factory shocks, ride in comfort and upgrade to Carbon MT2.0.

Build Quality - Simply by looking at the Carbon MT2.0's you can tell that they are of high quality with quality construction and are fully rebuildable with full support with components off the shelf here in Australia.

Philosophy - Our philosophy is simple, Deliver good quality innovative 4wd products that we are proud to deliver to our Australian Market. Australian Warranty - Backed by a real 3 year/100,000 Km

You won't just know the difference that a Carbon Shock can bring to the ride of your 4wd.... You'll feel the difference. Get the Ultimate in Comfort & Control

Advanced Technology -The Carbon MT2.0 uses advanced technology to deliver a superior ride quality using a IFP - Internal Floating Piston that floats between the high pressure Nitrogen Gas and the shock fluid keeping them seperate to prevent cavitation and foaming.The IFP actively works as an internal air bumpstop to help smooth out the harsh bumps and actively senses the terrain and adjusts according to the driving conditions giving you the ultimate in ride quality and control.  

What You Get -

  • 2 x Front Carbon MT 2.0 Shock Absorbers - Includes rubber boots & bushes
  • 2 x Rear Carbon MT 2.0 Shock Absorbers - Includes rubber boots & bushes.

Carbon MT2.0 Monotube Front and Rear Shock Absorbers - Comfort design valving

  • Front and Rear shocks are long travel and suit a 2 inch lift
  • Shock boots must be used to prevent damage to shock shaft
  • The shock absorber must be installed with the shaft facing downwards (Inverted design for improved performance)


Carbon MT2.0 Monotube Shock Specifications 

  • Monotube Design- Maximum fluid volume and control
  • IFP -Internal floating piston for added comfort and control
  • H/D 3mm Brushed Steel Nickel Plated Body - Maximum strength durability and protection 
  • 52mm Outer Body - Increased fluid volume to prevent fade and improve control
  • 20mm Hardened Chrome H/D Shaft - Tough Shaft for maximum durability
  • Piston Rings - Latest Piston Ring Technology - Full Teflon band seal 
  • 46mm Piston Valve - Twin deflective disc for maximum control of fluid for both rebound and compression cycles
  • Quality Bushes - HIgh quality pure rubber bushes
  • Multi-Stage Velocity Sensitive Piston Valve - For the Ultimate in Comfort & Control
  • Seals 5 levels of sealing - 1 x Twin lipped external dust and oil seal  1 x high pressure twin lipped oil seal .1 x high pressure O ring oil seal
  • Internal fluid - High quality shock absorber fluid able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Internal Shock Specifications - Micro polished internal tube bore(mirror finish) to reduce drag and wear
  • Fully rebuildable - With a range of spare parts on the shelf for full Australian Support.
  • High Pressure Nitrogen Gas Charged - To prevent fade and cavitation(foaming) of the fluid
  • Complete with concertina dust boots

Process -The shock development hasn't been short, the Carbon MT 2.0 Shocks have been rigorously tested here in Australia for the past 3 years on a large selection of vehicles and applications - Landcruiser 79 series, 200 series, Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Patrols and Mitsubishi Tritons, with critical feedback from owners of these vehicles to fine tune the dampers to ensure longevity and improve ride control characteristics. These were tested on heavily laden outback tourers, towing vehicles and offroaders wanting maximum flex.

Focus - Our number one goal was to bring to the market an improved ride quality better than what has been on offer to the Australian market. We have achieved this by listening to feedback from 4wd owners and making improvements with compression/rebound damping forces and ensuring ride control is at its optimum.

We understood that most 4wd vehicles currently are "the daily driver" and require a high level of on-road control and comfort but also need to take the abuse of high speed off-road applications like corrugations and out-back dirt driving while offering control in slow off camber situations.

Why Choose Carbon? With the Carbon MT 2.0 Shocks we are able to offer more fluid volume in the shock over an aftermarket 35mm big bore twin tube shock. With this greater oil volume we are able to keep the piston cooler and offer more stable ride control. While most twin tube shocks have an outer wall thickness of only 1.2mm-1.6mm, The Carbon Monotube shocks are built tough with a 3mm thick wall.

What do we cover?

We cover all items we sell for a minimum of 12 months for parts and manufacturing from the date of purchase. If a warranty is authorised, Carbon Offroad is only obligated to cover the replacement or re-issue of the original parts. Under no circumstances is Carbon Offroad liable for any costs involving shipping, removal and replacement labour costs or other associated work. The warranty is strictly parts only coverage. 


Our Carbon Offroad Suspension Products Warranty and Returns Policy reflects your rights as a consumer as provided under Australian Consumer Law. 

Can I return my goods? 
If an item is faulty, damaged or not functioning on arrival, you can contact us to discuss a return. Please contact the office prior to returning any goods

Items can be returned if they have not been fitted to a vehicle. If they have been fitted to a vehicle, we cannot accept any returns. If a return is authorised, you will be issued with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authority) number, to be included with the return goods. Goods that arrive back to our location with no RMA number will not be processed. You may be liable for additional fees and charges in relation to additional shipping costs we incur to return goods to our suppliers. 

We do not accept returns if you have changed your mind about your purchase after the order has been processed and paid for, whether or not it has been dispatched. 

WHERE do items need to be returned to?
Items need to be returned to our location or a nominated supplier at our discretion. Contact us prior to returning the product. You will be informed at the time you are issued with an RMA number. 

HOW do customers return items?
Please contact us prior to returning the item. We can discuss what the issue is and attempt to rectify it prior to a return if possible. Customers will be instructed on the method of return based on the product and the situation of the return at the time of issue of an RMA number.

SHIPPING for returns?
The customer is responsible for all return shipping. Original shipping costs at the time of the sale are an unrecoverable expense even when the product was supplied with "Free Shipping" or shipping included in the invoiced product cost, therefore are non-refundable. Any shipping costs incurred for Carbon Offroad returning goods to suppliers will be deducted from the refund if goods were returned prior to the issue of an RMA number and instructions for return. 

CREDIT for returns? Can I get a REFUND?
In the case of a client changing their mind after purchase, whether or not the goods have been dispatched or not, we reserve the right under Australian Consumer Law to refuse a cash refund request. In the case of a change of mind we may offer in goodwill a full credit to the customers account to use for future purchases minus any administration fees that may apply in individual circumstances.  A 15% restocking fee may be deducted if the return is due to change of mind, there is no defect with the goods, or if the customer chose the wrong parts for their vehicle or the returned goods are not fit for resale as new parts.

If your item is on backorder with us or one of our suppliers and you choose not to wait until that item is dispatched, no refund is payable, this is processed as a change of mind request. We may provide estimated time frames based on the information we have available at the time, however if the time falls outside of this estimation it does not constitute grounds for a cancellation of the order or a refund. 

Due to an updated policy from PayPal, transactions from May 1st 2019 that require refunding will be deducted the original seller fees for the transaction. These fees are not refundable and will not be returned to the end user in the event of a refund. 

Refunds for non-stock custom orders: 

For special custom orders from our manufacturers or our suppliers on non-stocked product lines there is no refund available. 

Packing materials?
Returning items preferably should be in original packaging, however, we understand that some items this may not be possible, therefore please discuss this at the time of the return. 




• Parts that have been incorrectly installed

• Struts that have been assembled with the use of any tool other than hand tools (no rattle guns etc)

• Load bearing strut bushes that have been tightened while hanging.  Strut bushes must be tightened while the vehicle is on the ground supporting its own load.

• Interference between shock absorber and other suspension components

• Parts that have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or have been bent or have been physically damaged by impact of any kind.

• Parts showing evidence of improper tightening of the mounting bolts causing parts to wear or bend

• Gripping tool marks (vice grips or multi grips) or any other tool made mark on the polished chrome section of the shock absorber shaft

• All parts subjected to abuse.

• All parts used in Off-road or other racing events or activities

• Any special-order parts

Surface treatment environment - rust or corrosion

Please Note: Any components built to a special order or specification outside the catalogue listings are not covered by warranty. This is because the manufacturer is unable to design components to withstand stresses in applications their R&D has not approved.




A Copy of proof of purchase by the retail customer must be attached to the claim including the kilometre reading at the time of fitment (if applicable). Each Carbon Offroad Suspension fitted must have a fitting sheet completed and kept on file by either the vehicle owner or the fitment centre performing the work. Failure to produce the fitting sheet may affect the warranty of the product.





MT2.0 Shocks/Struts     

3 Year/100,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

1 year, 40,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

MT2.5 Shocks/Struts     

3 Year/100,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

1 year, 40,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

RR2.0 Shocks/Struts    

3 Year/100,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

1 year, 40,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

RR2.5 Shocks/Struts    

3 Year/100,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

1 year, 40,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

Send It Control Arms    

3 Year/100,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

1 year, 40,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

Strut tops                     

3 Year/100,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

1 year, 40,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

Coil Springs

3 Year/100,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

1 year, 40,000KM Warranty (does not cover rubber bushes, refer below)

Brand Carbon Offroad
Shipping Weight 26.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.750m
Shipping Height 0.230m
Shipping Length 0.500m
Shipping Cubic 0.086250000m3

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